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Morning Sickness Care Package Shower Gift Basket in Neutral, Pink or Blue - Regular or Regular for Twins


Item Description

MORNING SICKNESS Care Package With Bassinet Basket


By Wild Moon Designs

While considered a positive sign of pregnancy, morning sickness doesn't feel so positive when one is trying to get through the day! It can last all day long and be physically and emotionally exhausting.

This beautiful, hand decorated Care Package is a unique, thoughtful gift to let someone know you are thinking about her.

The Morning Sickness Care Package by Wild Moon Designs contains everything the expectant Mom needs to win the battle with morning sickness.  It comes in 2 sizes and is designed to provide a wide range of remedies from which to choose.  Only the most highly user rated brand name products are included.


NOTE:  Pictures of contents are representative.

Care Packages for Morning Sickness will contain a variety of products geared toward helping an expectant Mom deal with Morning Sickness. In general, products will be as listed below. However, Wild Moon Designs reserves the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value for any item listed. 

·        Hand decorated basket - 11" long x 8" high x 8" wide, suitable for storage in baby’s room.

·        Fleece baby blanket**

·        Lamaze Soft Book Rattle** – a developmental baby toy with sounds and textures designed to stimulate vision and auditory skills.

·        Preggie Pops Drops Plus – a natural, drug-free way to ease morning sickness.

·        Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama-To-Be Tea – teas designed to relieve pregnancy’s most common discomforts. Certified 100% organic.

·        Crystallized Ginger – ginger has been used for centuries to combat nausea. Made by the well-known Ginger People, Crystallized Ginger are succulent, tender chunks of premium organic crystallized ginger.

·        Gin Gin Ginger Hard Candy – also from the Ginger People, a combination of spicy and sweet tastes.

·        Sea Band Aromatherapy – a soothing blend of essential oils to help settle your stomach during your pregnancy.

·        Book - Managing Morning Sickness by Marilyn M Shannon – a practical handbook with effective tips on reducing morning sickness.

**Twins basket contains two of these items.






·        Every size Care Package comes in a hooded bassinet basket hand decorated in the color scheme of your choice.

·        Every size Care Package contains a fleece baby blanket in the color scheme of your choice.

·        The Bassinet Basket is suitable for use in baby's room for storage. Basket is not to be used to put baby in.

·        A color coordinated, hand-made personalized gift card with your message to the recipient is included with every Care Package. 

·        The gift card is attached to the outside of the Care Package so the first thing your recipient sees when she opens it is her name.

·        The finished Care Package is wrapped with cellophane and tied with a color coordinated bow. 

·        Wild Moon Designs can ship to you or straight to your recipient.

·        Before the Care Package is shipped, you will receive pictures for your approval. At this time, you may request any changes you would like.


·        Little Boy Colors (Blue)

·        Little Girl Colors (Pink)

·        Neutral Sex Colors

·        Custom Colors




1.        Choose the size you want (Regular, Regular for Twins). Contents are listed above.

2.      Choose the color you want. Notes for color choices are at the bottom of this listing.

3.      Input the message you want on your gift card in the text box. If your message is longer than 128 characters, use the CONTACT page to send your message to Wild Moon Designs. 

4.      When ordering, decide whether you want the Care Package shipped to you or your recipient and use the appropriate address for shipping.




·        Little Boy colors are considered to be predominantly blue with neutral sex colors such as white, green, yellow or purple included.

·        Little Girl colors are considered to be predominantly pink with neutral sex colors such as white, green, yellow or purple included.

·        Neutral sex colors are considered to be predominantly yellow, green or purple with possibly white, blue and pink included.


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